AI at 20: Spielberg’s misunderstood epic remains his darkest movie yet

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The odd mixture of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg brings a singular high quality to this heartbreaking story of a robotic looking for love

“I assumed this may be onerous so that you can perceive. You have been created to be so younger.”

This heartbreaking line arrives towards the top of AI: Synthetic Intelligence, many centuries after David, an uncommonly refined mechanical baby (or “Mecha”), has launched into a quest to develop into “an actual boy”, like Pinocchio, and reunite with the human mom he’s been programmed to like. The years haven't aged him, in fact. He's eternally younger, incapable of buying the knowledge and perspective that include age. He can’t comprehend the passage of time, a lot much less the absurd and quixotic nature of his mission. He simply needs his mommy.

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